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A whole new Hello World! 🌍

·2 mins

Hello 👋 #

Well this is new! Hello World!

I’ve created this small site to organise my online space, share a bit more about the projects and work that I’m interested in, and to share some ramblings. This site is set up with Hugo and using the Congo theme, and boy is it neat! It’s hosted and managed by Netlify, making it easy to deploy updates and posts here! Woo!

This isn’t too unusual for me, I have had previous static sites before to try to host my own personal website. Albeit I’m not really familiar with blogging, other than the occasional short form tweet. But if I’m being honest, I’ve never been able to set something up that I’ve been 100% happy with. While this space is relatively new, it’s definitely a start in the right direction, and so far Hugo / Congo has made it very simple to get something up and running that I quite like the look of. Especially with it looking like it’s straight forward to structure pages and blog entries.

So, I wanted to keep this first post as a bit of an introduction-y sort of post and with that in mind I’d like to set up this space so that it has:

  • A list of projects I’ve worked on / contributed too
  • Blog style posts around tech and things I find interesting. As mentioned in About maybe some cycling related waffle? 👀
  • Up-to-date links to reach me, socials and such!

Note that all opinions expressed on this site are solely my own and may not represent the views or opinions of my employers past and present.