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James Millner


Hi πŸ‘‹ #

My name is James Millner, and I’m currently living in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK but have always lived in Yorkshire (insert yorkshire chant).

I’m a motivated Software Developer and enjoy tinkering within the Software Engineering space as often as I can. I love cycling, after taking up the sport in 2018 it’s thoroughly taken over my spare time. It’s also given me a huge appreciation for West Yorkshire, although it is very hilly! ⛰️ Since 2018 I’ve clocked over 10,000KM in distance, and counting!

Ah Huddersfield
Some lovely Huddersfield hills, and the trusty stead!

Finally, I also suffer from a serious contagious love for Dad Jokes and Puns. If I can slip them into a morning stand-up - I will.

I have an async joke.

I promise it will be good.

Fun Facts #

  • Unfortunately not the legendary Liverpudlian footballer James Milner
  • I was a Scout for around 6 years and was lucky enough to attend the 22nd World Scout Jamboree πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ 🌍
    • As a result I own the same coat as the King of Sweden!
    • Although he might not have kept it for as long as I have
  • Co-Founder of Leeds Kotlin User Group πŸ¦‰
  • Co-Founder of DartsNow, an Online Darts Platform 🎯

Favorite Topics #

Currently, I am very interested in Kotlin, Spring Boot, Kafka and Software Engineering in general.

I’m also very keen in the world of DevOps and Containerization. Fascinated by SoC computing and successfully operated a raspberry pi cluster, with monitoring support via Prometheus Operator - By Carlos Eduardo - Highly recommend checking out this repo if you intend to do the same.

Experience #

I’m currently working as a Software Engineer at 10x Banking, remotely in Huddersfield.

Rather than duplicate my experience on here, my full professional experience can be found over on LinkedIn

Skills #

A lot of my experience is predominantly around the backend JVM space, in Java & Kotlin. Below though is a list of tools and technologies that I have experience with:

Programming / Scripting Languages #

Kotlin β€’ Java β€’ JavaScript β€’ Typescript β€’ React β€’ GoLang β€’ Bash Scripting

Frameworks #

Spring Boot β€’ Micronaut

Operating Systems #

MacOS β€’ Ubuntu β€’ Debian β€’ Windows, especially WSL

Cloud Computing and Automation #

AWS β€’ GCloud β€’ Digital Ocean β€’ Terraform β€’ Cloudformation β€’ AWS CDK β€’ Chef β€’ Ansible

Event Driven Tools #

Kafka β€’ RabbitMQ β€’ ActiveMQ β€’ SQS β€’ SNS

Monitoring and Observability #

Prometheus β€’ Grafana

Database Technologies #

MySQL β€’ Postgres β€’ MongoDB β€’ Cassandra

Other Tools #

Kubernetes β€’ Docker β€’ Git β€’ Makefiles β€’ Intellij IDEA β€’ VSCode β€’ Atom